LEGO Valentine Dog Cupid Brick Review

LEGO Valentine Bricks & More Valentines Cupid Dog Building Kit

Lego Valentine has one of the most unexpected yet fun ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift this year which is LEGO’s Valentine’s Day Cupid dog.

With adorable bow-and-arrow and heart accessories, fully articulated legs, head, and ears and 150 pieces.

This Lego toy marks a fun activity that any couple, or a child can take on together as they celebrate their relationship on the big day.

If you and your loved one are essentially “big kid at heart” types or already established fans of the LEGO brand, Lego Valentine, the choice should be quite clear.

Lego Valentine gift

Best of all, the price is currently set at the immensely affordable price point of around $9.99.

Of course, you don’t only have to pick up the Cupid Dog for your significant other. It’s perfectly appropriate for parents to give their children Valentine’s Day gifts as well.

This particular build is designed with children of at least 7 years of age in mind, which is actually perfect for the core LEGO demographic.

lego valentine toy
                                Legos Valentines Day Dog

The cute aesthetic and relatively low parts count should make for a major hit.

Best of all, the joy of actually receiving a toy rather than just candy is sure to win.

You get enough brownie points as a parent for at least a few days of good behavior in return!

Finally, you might also consider this a present for any of the special dog lovers in your life. The design is just generic enough to appeal to the sensibilities of nearly any dog owner out there.

Almost everyone has owned and fallen in love with a dog that looks something like this at some point in their lives.

Valentine’s Day can be a lonely holiday for some, so you should also feel free to give one of your single friends or family members this simple gesture to help brighten their mood.

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