Sphero Star Wars Robot BB-8 App Controlled Droid

The Sphero App Controlled Star Wars Robot BB-8 Droid

You have the ability to enjoy your own trusted Star Wars Robot Astromech Droid while exploring the galaxy!

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I love This Star Wars Robot!

Throughout the years, Star Wars magic has come alone on the silver screen, as well as in our imaginations.

Thanks to all of the advancements in technology, we have now made it possible for you to bring a piece of The Force Awakens into your house with a new star wars droid robot.

Authentic Movement on Your Star Wars Robot

With a 1000ft range, you can easily guide your BB-8 with your tablet or smartphone. BB-8 has features like no other robot, including a personality that changes and adapts as you play.

Depending on your interactions, your BB-8 robot will show you a variety of expressions and will perk up when you give specific voice commands.

You can set it to patrol and you can watch your Droid explore on its own, or you can make up your own adventure to guide BB-8 on your own with this new star wars robot toy.

Droid Control Mode

You can use the Force for pushing, pulling and controlling Star Wars bb 8 Robot Toy.

Bonus Feature – Watch With Me

You can watch The Force Awakens along with your Droid. All you have to do is set your BB-8 in the charger base, then start up the movie and you can watch the reactions along with the film.

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new star wars robot toy
Star Wars Droid Robot


Use Force Band To Drive Original BB-8

The Force Band is completely compatible with the app enabled original BB-8 Droid by Sphero.

Use with other robots that are powered with Bluetooth Smart.

You can fulfill your destiny and become strong in the many ways of the Force.

What You Get In The Box:

– App-Enabled BB-8 Droid
– Micro USB Cable
– Induction Charging Base
– Legal Guide
– Quick Start Guide

Newest Star Wars Electronic Robot

Free App

The App-Enable BB-8 Droid is powered through the Sphero app, which you can find through Google Play or iTunes.

Star Wars New Robo tBB-8 is a fictional droid in the seventh film in the Star Wars franchise, entitled the Force Awakens, which made its way to theaters on December 17th.

In the movie, BB-8 is actually a physical prop instead of being CGI, much like R2-D2. For any of the faithful Force followers, this Star Wars Force Awakens Robot is a welcomed revelation.

Check on Amazon buttonIt is no surprise that this interactive version of Star Wars Robot BB-8 is a toy that is greeted with tremendous interest by both the toy and Star Wars communities.

This is a miniature working version of the Star Wars movie‚Äôs BB-8 droid, this Star Wars toy can balance and roll on it’s own.

From the Orbotix group, known for Sphero, BB-8 Star Wars Robot is made for the purpose of entertainment only and has no education aspects.

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Sphero Star Wars Robot BB-8 Droid
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